June's artworks are stunning and draw to the eye. They beautifully represent aboriginal culture, stories and history with aspects of traditional and contemporary art techniques.

June's traditional bush medicine is hand-made from organic ingredients that have been wild harvested. These components are grown and harvested in the coastal Broome region and have been used in medicines, both old and  new, for centuries.


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Original Designs

All artworks sold online and in-store are original pieces done by June or featured artists.

Studio Exhibitions

These artworks are showcased in exhibitions hosted by June in her studio and other galleries around Broome and Australia.


June has won 3 Cossack Art Award.

Cossack Award 1996
Cossack Award 1998
Cossack Award 1997

Aboriginal Design

Artworks show traditional design and history. June along with the featured artists display and share their interaction as well as knowledge of their culture to the viewer with their art.


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June Djiagween is an aboriginal artist with a long history with both aboriginal culture and its art. With her company she aims to provide gorgeous artworks that engages and stuns the viewer, as well as establishes herself as an esteemed artists.

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