This platform aims to connect more Broome artists and share their hidden talents. June promotes not only her artwork, but also several artists' work. To read more about them  just scroll down!

June Djiagween

"Traditional art with a contemporary twist"

June Djiagween (Moonie) is a Yawuru, Bardi Jawi and Ngarluma (Roebourne region), who lives in Broome. June has established herself as an artist, winning The Cossack Art Award in 1995, ’96 and ’97.

June works traditional Aboriginal painting designs telling the sacred dream-time and customary activities of the Yaruwu and Bardi Jawi people of Broome and the Dampier Peninsula.She also produces natural bush medicine.



A journey to the countryside

Herbert Marshall was born on the 18th of August in 1961. Since his childhood Herby has always painted and sketched. Has painted as a professional artist for many years. Herbert’s  used to paint in Fremantle and produce his most loved works, which were sent all over the world.

Herbert was one of Broome's successful judges in the prestige Broome’s Shinju art awards 2017.


These days returning back to country reflecting a new path with in him self healing sole searching and self creating, walking the white beaches, feeling the hot sea sun and taking time to breath in the Kimberley air. Herbert's paintings invite you to image country’s life beauty in the colours of nature’s own rich earth, land sky and sea. As each brush stroke touches the canvas he transfers his creations to dazzle your imagination of peace to take you on a journey to the countryside.

Roz turner

In this new body of works “Sunsets and Seascapes” and “Colour and Time”, my aim is to capture the magnificent colours of the sea and skies around Broome and the Kimberley. 

I am interested in the portraying the fleeting changes in our pristine environment, evoking the connection of our minds to nature and the simple but striking colour natural colour changes minute by minute.”

Peter Claire

Peter Claire was born in Fitzroy Crossing and descends from the Bunuba and Walmajarri Tribes. Started painting from an early age, which quickly developed into a big passion. It lead to the goal of wanting to become a professional painter. 

Peter describes his style as contemporary Indigenous Australian art. He mainly portrays landscapes of the Kimberley. His memories about the countryside in Fitzroy are usually shown on his artwork. Furthermore, Peter paints the lifestyle of the aboriginal communities in the early days, and how they used to survive from the land. The arrival of the first settlers in Australia and their interaction with indigenous people is commonly shown on his artwork as well.

Apart from acrylic paintings on canvas, Peter also does Boomerang and Didgeridoo art. 

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