Ancient traditional bush remedy fused with western techniques to treat common family skin ailments


The Gubinge tree is native to Western Australia. It is now know as the richest source of vitamin C of any fruit in the world, with levels over 900 times hgher than the same weight of blueberries. The fruits were eaten by Australian Aboriginals on long treks or huntig trips and were considered more valuable as a medicine rather than as a food. The inner bark of the tree is used to treat a variety of skin disorders and infections including wounds, sores and boils. It is also effective in controlling fungal infections such as ringworm, and in the treatment of bacterial infections 

Moonie's traditional Bush Healing is an ancient family remedy passed down through generations.

This ancient knowledge has been handed down and is now available for your family.

The high vitamin C content comes from Indigenous Gubinge fruit. The Gubinge is combined with about 10 other secret bush herbs, barks and leaves.

this product is perfect if you are alternative to common family ailments.


For skin problems such as kids sores, raches, aging, itching, bites, stings and pimples.

including its use in treating leprosy. A recent study has reported on the antibacterial activity of T. ferdinandiana. 

*This product cannot be substituted for any medicine.


Contains olive, almond, macadamia and coconut oil. Bees' wax, Shea butter. All bush remedy wild harvest from Yawuru Broome and Bardi/Jawi One Arm Point. Gubinge fruit dried powder and Moonie's secret herb mix of barks, roots and leaves.

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