This artwork is another from the “Colour and Time” series, exploring colour and composition to create a visual mood of the evening. As many people flock to experience the "Staircase to the moon" phenomenon seen from Town Beach, I have explored the extra mood also experienced at other times of the year. Town Beach at night brings a magical vibe; whether it is watching the wet season storms roll in with the flashes of colour through the storm clouds or the moon eclipses over the seascape of Roebuck Bay. There are hints of the pearl clippers, the ramp that the fishermen use and the passing of time from when you could see Red Bluff without the palm trees or the Port. The colours of the moon, sky and the ocean as the night gets deeper, bounce off the tide retreating beyond the mangroves.

On showing other people this painting, they have told me that they can see or 'feel' the hints of other Broome history and sea dwelling creatures. I am pleased with the layering of colour and composition of this painting. It has thousands of blocks, bands and lines of colour, making the viewer search through the artwork to enjoy the textures and warmth of the evening as the moon climbs up into the Kimberley stars.

Colour journey just on dark ~ Town Beach 6pm to 7pm


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