When the world began everything was black (center of the painting) and through the moon and stars light everything gained colour (ochre tones around the painting).

The moon and the stars show signs of the seasons, traditional songs and directions.

The full moon is very important because it brightens the nights and helps the men visualizing their preys during the night. 

All the fauna and flora represented on this painting show how the Bardi-Jawi and Yawuru people read the seasons. The jelly fish symbolize the dreaming time, the chnage of the seasons (rain season is coming (also known as "build ups")). They also represent an increase on the number of turtles, beacuse turtles feed themselves on jellyfish and coral. The seaweed changes colours depending on the season. When it turns green it means it the wet season and when it turns brown it is the dry season. All the animals are painted with lines and in an X-Ray perpective, which is the typical Bardi-Jawi and Yawuru style.

On the right bottom corner, a traditional aboriginal cerimony is represented. The mother (wider stick) gives the young boys a pearl shell, which they wear on their belts. This means they are boys. In order to transition into men, they go to the bush with the men and no women are allowed. The cerimony takes place and when they come back, if they have successfully transitioned, they will no longer have a pearl shell and instead have a spear.

(  unstretched canvas will be sent due to post regulations )

Dreaming Creation of Time


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