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Traditional Fishing Season Painting:

June Djiagween comes from the Bardi-Jawi and Yawuru tribes. These are tribes, which belong to the saltwater tribes, who mainly lived of sea resources.

This painting portrays the traditional fishing season, where men went fishing during the day and at the end of the day/season come back with food for the family. The typical food, which they would provide to their families, was dugongs, salmon, barramundi, salmon, stingrays, turtles, among others. The Bardi-Jawi and Yawuru typical way of painting animals is in an X-Ray perspective, allowing a more detailed representation of the. The utensils portrayed around the animals would be used not only for fishing, but as well for hunting and for making music during the ceremonies after fishing. In these ceremonies, the food was cooked on hot coals and during the evening it was also time to reflect on the day.

The three colors used on the painting are the traditional colors used by June's tribes.

Stubby Holder - Traditional Fishing Season Detailed


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